References & Testimonials

Remodel:   Mike and Glenda C.   West Fargo
For up to 4 yrs we were having trouble with our ceiling cracking and everyone we called to try to fix it had no clue how to fix it or what was really wrong. Thank goodness we came across the FM Area Handyman, HAM Construction and Remodeling. Dale did not hesitate to get into the attic to try to remedy the problem. He gave us an estimate on a Friday, we decided to take his bid on Saturday, he was hard at it that Monday. Very clean, when he was done for the day, we could hardly tell he was there. Thanks again FMareaHandyman!.  I wish we would have found out about you 4 years sooner!

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Water Damage Insurance Claim:  Kathy L.   Fargo, ND:
We recently had a water valve break in the bathroom of our upper level of our bi-level home.  We had damage to our floor and vanity in our upper level and in our lower level we had damage to our ceiling, walls, trim work, and carpet. A friend our mine recommended the FM Area Handyman to do the repair work. Because this water problem was an insurance claim the FM Area Handyman worked with our insurance company and got us the best deal that was possible and not only that the FM Area Handyman's cost to repair was much less than the competitors.  He started working on our project right away and finished ahead of schedule.  He did all the work, from removal of sheetrock, to repairing the water damaged wood, to hanging, taping, texturing the sheetrock and painting and replacing all trim work and putting the carpet back in place.  When completed you could never tell we had a water issue.  The texture blended right in and the trim work was impeccable.  Thank you FM Area Handyman for doing such a great job.

Deck: Mary F.    Fargo, ND
A freind recommended the FM Area Handyman to build a deck for us.  The old one was rotted out and needed to be replaced.  The FM Area Handyman gave us the best price and started the project at the scheduled time.  The deck turn out great, much better than we expected.  Thank you FM Area Handyman for doing such a great job.

FM Area Handyman